The Yoga Conference!!!

Creative Commons License photo credit: david_shankbone

Well, it’s already that time of year! From 4-6 November, Vancouver is holding the annual Yoga Conference and Show. Toronto will hold its version of the event from March 29-1 April, 2012.

The event is held at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre with over 120 exhibits and thirty-nine classes! You’ll find everything from yoga product salespeople to classes to concerts, all wrapped into three days that lead the way to delving deeper into your yoga practice.

This event is great for all yogis, or soon-to-be yogis. Teachers will learn as much as though brand new to their practice, and it’s an all around great opportunity to get into the yoga culture and surround yourself with others who are there to learn, stretch, and have fun. I encourage anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, or anyone who just wants to have some fun with some like-minded folk, to head to the conference this weekend.

Registration is free online, and once you register, you can then sign up for particular classes and sessions that are run over the course of the weekend.

A short post this week, but sometimes, life just gets right to the point!


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