What Does Change Mean to You?

I have to say that I am not a politically motivated person. I find the banter between politicians interesting at the very least but have never been too upset about the win or loss of an election. If I had to say for certain which political party I belong to, I would say Republican-simply because they seem to have the financial interests of my family more to heart. This being said the recent US Presidential Election sparked my interest and magnified my attention to the political happenings of the world. It was not because of race, color, gender or any other social impact but merely because it seems that the American people were so dramatically affected by what I refer to as collective karma.

Not to discount any of his qualifications but I feel strongly that most of what Barack Obama did for the people of the United States was inspire the belief that change can happen. His entire campaign centered on hope and change for the people. Even those that did not understand his political background nor the summits of his action plan voted for him based on the promise of change and the hope that a better tomorrow may exist. It seems that as we move further into time, most of us agree that change is necessary and even more believe that change will make their life better. What few seem to realize is that change is often what we fear most, and that change comes differently from every involved individual. No president, God or other can make a person change without the person first consenting.

Never has there been a time where people have had so much, but value so little. We have sowed the seeds of excess and are reaping in abundance. This abundance seems to make us more ungrateful and less satisfied than we ever have been. I am speaking as a whole. The whole of the people in the technologically advanced unions of the world. So when one man speaks eloquently on the need, the desire, the commitment, the desperation, the inspiration that change, any change is possible people are automatically spellbound. What is troubling is that the change that Obama speaks of is different in the mind of every person. For instance, some days I feel that winning the lottery would bring enough change in my life for me to do better things. Some people feel that changing their zip code would have the greatest affect. Others believe that the change is related to their deepest of religious convictions. Still others think that having just enough food to feed their family is the right amount of change. On certain days the needed change can come in an alteration of hair color, a new vehicle, a new thought pattern. When Obama spoke of change he invoked the deepest longings of every persons soul. Sometimes even I resist changing my normal route to school and back simply out of stubbornness.

What does change mean to you?

Collectively speaking the karma that we create by wanting, desiring, aspiring, inspiring or dreaming creates one of inconsistency and lack. To pin all that on any one man or one government sets it up to fail, undoubtedly. When we talk about changing our lives we are talking about changing something so personalized and close to ourselves that there is no one way for the world to agree on the right change. Perhaps it is enough to agree on change alone….I guess time will tell.

Still though the intention is good. Hope for a change, hope for something better….these are all slogans that live on in our minds every day. What we can do is change ourselves, change our own thinking. In baby steps it is important for us to always allow change so that we do not become stuck or complacent. Focusing on the greater change or the vast shift in the movement of all the people is simply too large to tackle. It feels hopeless and therefore will create a vibration inconsistent with what we want in the end. If people feel they have to work so hard to get to the point in their life where they feel successful they wont make it. Further more rapid or overwhelming change that happens too fast doesn’t allow us to see the forest for the trees. We miss the happy spots along the way, and are so focused on one goal that all the little goals we reach seem unimportant. It adds to our greediness.

That being said…..Change is good. We do need change. What I find so tearfully promising about the man elected as President is that no matter what else he does he has been able to allow people to think about change. The collective karma of the world is moving. Sure, it may be moving in many directions, but the possibility that we can shift the icebergs in our favor now gives us hope. Even as what we hope for is as varied as the people hoping, I can almost feel the vibrational switch that has been ignited in the country I live in. So you are asking what in the world does all this have to do with yoga? When you or I or anyone decided to take a yoga class we were making a change. It may seem insignificant to the plot of global issues, but for us personally it was probably monumental. We had to carve out time, perhaps find a place for the kids, then learn all these new moves and try to encourage our bodies to comply with our intention. It wasn’t easy. If you are anything like me, you may have wanted to give up! But you didn’t and I didn’t and change has come. Think about all the many ways that your yoga has manifested positive ripple changes in your life….Write them down…..Take the time to see how the collective karma of your decision to take a yoga class has changed you and those around you. It really has whether you see it or not. I feel that change should be taken in elevations. Let’s tackle ourselves first by choosing to step out of our box and test the water. Like taking yoga….then one thing leads to another and all the sudden you may find that you found your path in life. Or perhaps you have just regained your smile. Or maybe you just feel damn good for the first time in a long time. Whatever it means to you is good enough…..Every decision we make brings about some sort of change….

I did not vote for Obama. It was simply because I didn’t agree with his economic plan. I will support him and stand behind him because I feel that is my duty as a citizen. What I can say about the man is that I admire what he has given so many people. He has lifted the veil of fear that often lingers over change from the faces of many. He has sparked hope for so many different things. There are people in this country right now who believe that because he is president they will be successful in the next 4 years. You and I both know that belief is all it takes to get us there. At the end of his term people will see change; perhaps in places where it never really occurred. What Barack Obama has done is change our perception. That is probably one of the hardest things to accomplish. But most things that we undertake do change our perception over time. I know that my yoga class has been implemental in changing my perception of many things. Change is always good and all is always well!

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