Yoga for Beginners and Beyond – 3 DVD Deluxe Box Set

I came across this three DVD set last week…cheap too!  Yoga For Beginners and Beyond begins with an introduction from the Dalai Lama entitled “How to meditate.”  For those of you who have heard the Dalai Lama speak before, his words of wisdom and simple approach to meditation are worth the price alone.  As mentioned in a past article, meditating before or after (or both) your Yoga practice can open a new door to deeper relaxation and a higher level of connectedness with self.  On to this three DVD set!

Everyday relief
Yoga For Beginners and Beyond features a full forty-six routines for those relatively new to Yoga, inflexible types (like me) as well as routines designed to relieve common ailments.  From tension headaches, indigestion, and anxiety relief – all aspects of your health are addressed through guided routines on a pleasant ocean backdrop.  For those with arthritis and other debilitating issues, modifications including the use of a chair are also clearly demonstrated or explained.

The Routines

Please forgive the large list, but there are so many!  I tried to find another way to format – to no avail…

Yin Yang Disc #1 — Yoga for Stress Relief

  • Discussion of Meditation by H.H. the Dalai Lama
  • Interview With Barbara
  • Beginning & Ending Your Day
    • Begin Your Day Slowly (25 Minutes)
    • Wake Up! (60 Minutes)
    • Evening Revival (40 Minutes)
    • Letting Go of the Day (40 Minutes)
    • Insomnia Issues (35 Minutes)
  • Neck, Shoulder & Back Issues
    • Easing Neck & Shoulder Tension (Passive, 20 Minutes)
    • Easing Neck & Shoulder Tension (Active, Extended, 30 Minutes)
    • Lower Back Tension (35 Minutes)
    • Hip Pain (S.I. Joint) (35 Minutes)
    • Tension Headaches (45 Minutes)
  • Easing Your Mind
    • Breathing Exercises to Calm the Mind (15 Minutes)
    • Restorative Poses for Relaxation (15 Minutes)
    • Deep Rest (20 Minutes)
    • Mood Uplift (30 Minutes)
    • Serenity in Stillness (35 Minutes)
    • Easing Neck & Shoulder Tension (Passive, 20 Minutes)
    • Anxiety Relief (50 Minutes)
  • Stomach & Digestion Issues
    • Constipation (25 Minutes)
    • Improve Digestion (30 Minutes)
    • IBS (30 Minutes)
    • Diarrhea & Indigestion (30 Minutes)
  • Credits

Yin Yang Disc #2 — Yoga for Beginners

  • Discussion With H.H. the Dalai Lama
  • AM Routines
    • Get Up and Go (15 Minutes)
    • Sun Salutation Centering (15 Minutes)
    • Breath Work (30 Minutes)
    • Gentle Wake Up (35 Minutes)
    • Extended Morning (45 Minutes)
    • Wake Up the Spine (35 Minutes)
  • PM Routines
    • Short Rest (10 Minutes)
    • Breath Work (20 Minutes)
    • Unwinding Muscle Tension (30 Minutes)
    • Good Night’s Sleep (25 Minutes)
    • Energizing Evening (40 Minutes)
  • Credits

Yin Yang Disc #3 — Essential Yoga for Inflexible People

  • Short Routines: Learn the Basics
    • Sun Salutation Warm-Up w/ Chair (6 Minutes)
    • Sun Salutation Warm-Up w/o Chair (7 Minutes)
    • Standing Poses w/Chair (25 Minutes)
    • Standing Poses w/ Chair II (14 Minutes)
  • Short Routines: Continued
    • Seated Poses (9 Minutes)
    • Forward Bends w/ Chair (15 Minutes)
    • Beginning Back Bends (8 Minutes)
    • Yoga Twists w/ Chair (11 Minutes)
  • Extended Routines: As You Progress
    • Extended Standing Poses (40 Minutes)
    • Legs (40 Minutes)
    • AM Wake Up (45 Minutes)
    • Spinal Work in Three Dimensions (40 Minutes)
    • Stubborn Hamstrings (65 Minutes)
    • Full Routine (90 Minutes)

As you can see, the routines are quite complete.  My wife suffers from debilitating pain which leaves her unable to stand for long periods or do much physical exercise:  She has done two or three of the workouts with a chair and finds it within her bounds to do.  Yoga For Beginners and Beyond is also ideally suited for older generations who may have lost much of their elasticity and flexibility.  Seniors will also find the adaptations suitable for restricted movement or reduced activity levels.

If you are on a budget and want a single DVD set to base your entire practice on, buy this one.  Yoga For Beginners and Beyond provides great instruction as well as addressing a deeper, more spiritual component.  Listen to the interviews – they help set intention and form a backdrop from which to extend your practice in not only the physical realm but mentally and spiritually as well.

With the added benefit of targeting specific workouts to relieve so many of life’s common ailments, Yoga For Beginners and Beyond deserves a full  Yin YangYin YangYin YangYin YangYin Yang.

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