Yoga in the Trash

I have always loved the phrase when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  I suppose it is expressed with hopefulness that all of our needs in this life will always be met.  The older I get the more I realize that oftentimes the teacher has been there ready and waiting for me to accept new knowledge but I have been resisting. I make it a point now to always remain in a state of allowing.  It is one of the most difficult things to do….

Obviously having four kids I spend a lot of my time taking care of other people.  I never seem to mind it and it seems to simply come with the territory of being a mom.  It can be frustrating though.  As my adult growth spurts hit I am often allowing the teacher to come and then I simply just do not have the time to learn!

More recently I have taken an internal journey.  I have decided that for just a short length of time the kids would be okay without me.  This time has made me complete once again.  The more I do, the more I ask, the more understanding I try to gain, the more teachers that appear in my life.

Sometimes the teacher is the jerk in front of me at the gas station that cut me off.  Many times the teacher has been one of my children.  My husband has been my teacher.  Frequently my mother-in-law appears as a teacher.  They are all teaching me patience and unconditional love….among other things  🙂

As I go about my day paying attention to what and why I think what I do, I realize that the teacher can appear in my head. The teacher can appear in a flower that I walk by every day but never notice.  The teacher can be a simple word or phrase from a stranger.
Regardless of who or what it is that is teaching me, I realize that the student of life that I have become is finding answers to all my conflicts.  I am also finding very gentle guidance all around me.  The guidance feels reminiscent of how I imagine it would feel to ride the top of a leaf through the fall breeze.

As my life gets busier and faster, more complicated and chaotic the teachers appear in abundance.  Through the craziness there is always some simple honest answer awaiting me.  I never know where or when it will come.  Living in the south, I pass tons of church signs and many times I have felt that the message was just for me.  Or sometimes a commercial or something I read seems to fall into my hands at just the right time.  Probably there have been lots and lot of answers that I missed along the way when I wasn’t paying enough attention. I wish I could go back and relive certain moments to see if the answers were there, and what would have or could have been different had I paid attention. Perhaps many things would still be the same. As the phrase goes, ‘when the student is ready,’ I wonder if when I miss things it is simply because I am not ready for the information.

I thought of this today as I drove around with a plastic garbage bag in my car.  It sat up in front of the minivan and I had been filling it for the entire week.  Empty cups, junk mail, straws and candy wrappers; juice boxes and notes from school were all crammed in it.  I have no idea why I hadn’t threw it away yet.  Today, I was riding around trying to figure out a way to incorporate more yoga into my life.  The kind of yoga that fits into the school day so my kids are not around.  I wondered about some energy healing as I feel my meridians are out of alignment.  My neck and back had been bothering me and I figured it had something to do with a recent Reiki initialization.  Didn’t know how to explain that to a conventional doctor. I didn’t know where to turn.  As I glanced over at the trash bag, a local newspaper was sitting crumbled on top.  Headline read, “Yoga & energy center now Open in Carrolton, see page 22.”  I started digging through the trash and finally found page 22.  There it was, all the answers I had needed, covered in melted chocolate and spilled milk. An incredible yoga instructor with tons of experience and a certified energy healer all in on place, not far from my house!  On page 22, I found my answer.  I called right away and got an appointment.

What is so strange is that I never drive around with trash in my car for long.  Especially once it has been bagged it goes straight in the dumpster.  But this week for some reason it stayed with me.  The answers I had been looking for all week were right there in front of my nose.  My answer was in my trash.  Before today I would have never looked for my teacher in the trash.  For now I remain certain that when the student is ready the teacher will always appear.  It never fails to be, it is just sometimes we are looking at things in a way that does not allow us to see the answer.  My pile of garbage happened to be the key to my new lesson. I would have never thought it.   It just goes to show, all is always well!

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