Yoga Wii for Mii

When I was growing up I never had an Atari. The first time I ever played tetris or PacMan was when I was hopelessly bored and on bedrest with twins. I guess my parents never thought it was important, or didn’t want me to begin life as a couch potato. Nevertheless I made it through without video games.

When my children turned 10, they craved a Nintendo DS. Being the hopelessly indulgant parent – I obliged. A few weeks later they – all three of the older ones were hooked. They would actually tell me they had to sign on to certain games or they would lose points etc… I understood in an instant why so many parents dislike video games.

So when a Ninetendo Wii made it onto Santa’s list this year I was adamantly against it. We certainly did not need anything else in the home to take them away from their homework or ‘family time.’ But Santa, a stubborn old soul brought them one anyway. I suppose as a consolation prize – under the tree was a Wii game for me as well and the Wii fit attachment. The whole system was hooked up in minutes and I was thinking there goes the rest of the time we spend together as a family.

But I was amazed. The whole family was standing up, jumping up and down and acting like crazed maniacs. We tested our Wii fitness age and the youngest person in the house was 57. I was 74, which I was sure was a mistake. We spent several days trying to bring our Wii ages down somewhere around normal. We were competing against each other to get high scores and suffering joint pain and muscle strain in the process. By the end of the weekend after Christmas we were all too sore to play anymore. My husband had stayed up late two nights in a row trying to beat my high score at bowling. Frustrated that he couldn’t, he (ha ha ha) he resorted to yard work. I figured that was the perfect moment to hook up the Wii fit and see what it had to offer me.I certainly wasn’t expecting much.

When I took my Wii fit fitness challenge the damn thing told me that I was fat. Literally, it then began to set up some exercise program just for me to help me with all my fat. I wanted really badly to throw a remote at it and explain to it, that after 4 children, I looked pretty darn good. But I resisted my urge and went on to exercise. The yoga portion kicked my butt, the aerobics made me tired and each day the stupid machine had something more for me to do. But all of it was great, strenuous and definitely a workout.

So I have decided wholeheartedly that this is a great video game. When everyone in the house is gone, I get the opportunity to practice my yoga with as much enthusiasm as if I was taking a class. Even the kids are getting in on it. The environment is non-threatening and the exercises are surprisingly really, really good. Wow, I thought perhaps I could avoid the $70 month for classes and just be a Wii yoga master? Does that still count? I wasn’t sure but have to say that aside from being called fat by a computer game, the Wii is definitely an outstanding game that brings the family together and offers real exercise. It’s not just the Wii fit either that will tire you out. The Wii sports game- boxing in particular will have the muscles in your upper body smoking with pain. Tennis left me breathless. Golf, well golf is just boring no matter how you do it….And bowling is just plain fun. We have all thrown out our shoulders trying to play baseball. It is as close to the real thing as I have ever seen.

Reluctantly I have to say thanks to Santa….One thing the Wii has done is make my children put down their sedentary video games and join the party in the living room where everyone is together again. After playing for a while, the Wii will even prompt you to take a break, how ingenious is that? So far while doing my workouts though, the Wii has never offered me a break. I suppose it thinks I am too fat for a break.:) I even tried to trick it the other day by putting my two year old on the board to weigh in for me, but that didn’t work either. The thing just kept saying ERROR.

As for the $70 a month, I will still spend it on my class. At least my teacher doesn’t make me weigh in. I figure that each time I am reminded how overweight I am, I will be less inclined to want to go out to eat or stop and grab a milkshake – so I will be saving $70 anyway.

The yoga wii for mii was just what the doctor ordered and highly recommended and loved by this mom. It really and truly is a great workout experience that gets everyone up and moving…..If you don’t have one already, it is worth the investment!!!!

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