Breathing In, I know I Am Alive


Today, everything is possible, because you are still breathing. You woke up, you’re alive; those two things in themselves should fill you with an almost ridiculous amount of optimism and joy.

“Breathing in, I know I am alive.
Breathing out, I smile to my life.”

You’re connected to the entire universe: the iron in your blood, the electrons that cause your thoughts, and all the chemicals that comprise your body were once inside a star that exploded. It’s literally true that stars died so that you could live.

“Breathing in, I know I am connected to the whole universe.
Breathing out, I smile to the universe in myself.”

Widen your circle of compassion. We’re all in this together. Embrace those farthest away from you as well as those in your inner circle. Tribalism is passe; the human species is one big “tribe.”

“Breathing in, I embrace the whole of humanity.
Breathing out, I smile to myself.”

Even those committed to injustice are in need of your compassion; if fact, they are more in need of it than those committed to social justice. Their lack of compassion, their desire to subjugate those who think differently than they do, did not spring up suddenly out of nowhere. These unfortunate tendencies are the result of lifelong conditioning and fear.

“Breathing in, I recognize the suffering that motivates the unjust.
Breathing out, I embrace their suffering as my own.”

Those who are victims of injustice, including yourself, are in need of compassion and love as well. Distinguish between being compassionate with perpetrators of injustice and approval of their actions. Protect likely victims with everything you’ve got.

“Breathing in, I send love and compassion to all victims of injustice.
Breathing out, I commit myself to their protection.”

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