Embrace your Personal Fire

As a Leo, I always have a bit of fire in me. Fire is passion, inspiration, creativity and little dangerous. Ok, I may be lacking the dangerous aspect of fire, but honestly I’m alright with that.   Everyone naturally has a bit of the fire element.  In the moments where you feel inspired, creative and passionate you are embracing the fire element.  Summer is the natural time for the fire element to be at its strongest.  This is the time when compassion, passion and devotion are at their peak.

During this season, the warm weather, longer days and fresh foods provide the perfect foundation for the strongest element, Fire.

Fire is seen as a source of power, strength and danger.   Fire can help provide for us: it can give us heat, warm our food and create an area where we can gather around and socialize.

Use Fire for Inspiration

Have you been wanting to write a book?  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to play that instrument or paint?  If you want to learn a new skill or embrace a talent, summer is the perfect time to do this.  Use the natural form of fire to inspire you and indulge in your creative nature.

Summer is the best time to try new things. With the fire element at its peak, there is no other time where you will feel more courageous or inspired.  Take advantage of the power of fire to try new things, challenge yourself, and discover new strengths and talents.

I love using the summer months as an excuse to play. Get outside and play with your children.  Be silly with them.  My favourite thing, aside practicing yoga with them, is pretending.  It always amazes me how limitless their imagination is and how easily the say the beauty that is in  the world.

Start or Put some Spark back into a Romance

In summer, the days are longer and the nights are warmer.  Love and passion just seems to come naturally.

The Fire element is all about warmth, heat, and passion.   When fire is at its peak, it’s the best time to embrace romances, rekindle old connections and live life to the fullest. There is no better way to embrace the passionate energy of fire than with love.

Take the time to connect with your partner and bring back the spark that started your relationship.  Use the courage of fire, to approach that individual who you’ve been attracted to.   Remember that fire is powerful and can be all consuming.    Balance the passion of fire by taking the time to rest, relax and pamper yourself.

Yoga Poses to Increase the Power of Fire

Fire is about embracing your personal power.  Any yoga pose that makes you feel powerful, will help increase the fire element.  During this practice, combine some of your favourite poses (the ones that you feel the most confident completing), with the following “power poses.”

-The Warrior Series: Warrior I, II, and III

-Dancer’s Pose

-Chair Pose (Utkatasana)


-Upward Facing Dog

Store up your energy for winter

The sun is a source of energy. Take the time to soak up the energy from the sun, to build up a reserve for the winter months.  Use this time to become physically and mentally healthy.  Use summer to store fresh food, make preserves or build items around your home.

Fire is powerful, energizing and courageous. With the beginning of August, summer is slowly drawing to an end.  Take advantage during these final summer days to embrace the powerful energy of fire. Use the strength of Fire to help you follow your dreams, pursue your passions and embrace your personal power.

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