Oh, How Neutral Pelvis Evades Me

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Okay, this is a weird title for a blog post, I know. But a neutral pelvis position seems to be a constant in most yoga poses and for some reason, I just can’t seem to master it and the mantra “find neutrality” seems to be the one correction I receive on a regular basis, in any and all yoga classes, especially when in Warrior pose. For some reason, something that is supposed to be completely natural is the one pose that seems bizarrely unnatural. I’ve been left wondering if I’m even capable of the perfect pose.

In a very interesting online article found here, I found out that the only time our pelvis is naturally neutral is when we are on all fours or when sitting back on our heels. Because of my knee injury, both my on all fours and sitting back on my heels are impossible. But I know that finding this elusive position will align my spine and provide me with greater comfort when in poses, so in classes, I can be found constantly (and seemingly, creepily) tilting my pelvis back and forth, trying to find what feels natural and comfortable. Eventually, the instructor seems to give up and move on to correcting a new yogi more adaptable to instruction.

The funny thing is, like most challenges in life, when I finally stopped trying, it seemed to happen. Recently, following one of my at home videos, my hips naturally fell into place and after that, each subsequent pose felt ten times more comfortable. Suddenly, I was able to move deeply into stretches, relax my breath and move into a better state of meditation. For once, I was able to stop worrying about finding a certain pose and just allow myself to be in the moment, enjoying all that yoga was doing for me.

So although this is a short post, it is dual-pronged. First of all, if you manage to find a neutral pelvic position, it will truly enhance your practice and allow you to appreciate each stretch. Secondly, and most importantly, don’t kill yourself trying to find a position when your body just won’t cooperate. Eventually, you will get there.


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  1. The only pose I wish was on your list is high lunge (or Crescent) with arms up. You have low lunge with arms up…and high lunge with arms down…
    Any way you could send me one?
    I love what I have…very worth the money!
    I love using them for my class outlines!
    Thanks, Nancy

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